After a few runs, your legs burn, you feel tired and maybe a little frustrated because it looks so easy but it does not go the way you want it to go. There is no improvement compared to your last winter holiday. The way you feel about skiing is not satisfying.

Consider a refresher course. Even experienced people who have skied for many years choose to!
On tour with a professional who sees after a few turns what to improve to bring back the fun, pleasure and technique!

After a course from only two hours you will ski a lot better. You will learn the newest technique, which results in using less stenght while skiing. It will be more effortless and fun!

Rates 2022 / 2023

Due to the situation of Covid-19 it is very difficult to offer group lessons as usual. At the moment our greatest concern with group lessons is the lunch break for the children. We want to avoid too many children in closed areas.

For this reason we have decided to shorten the group lessons from 4 hours including lunch break to 3 hours lessons without lunch break. The lessons will start at 11am and will be finished at 2pm.

The advantage of the new group lessons „corona proof“ are the following:

• We try to avoid peak times at the gondola, in the busses and also on the meeting areas which are focused between 9.30 am and 10.30 am.
• Until 11 am the crowds have dissolved.
• We take advantage of empty slopes and less people at the lifts while most of the people are having a lunch break.
• We avoid crowds in the restaurants and in the children lunch area.
• By the time you pick up your children again, the restaurants will be less crowded and you can enjoy lunch together with your children.
Children group lessons "corona proof" - small groups group lessons: 3 hours daily
For children from 6 years 11am - 2pm
1 day 100,00
2 days 155,00
3 days 205,00
4 days 225,00
5 days 250,00
6 days 285,00
Adults Grouplessons 2 hours Grouplessons 3 hours
1 day 65,00 100,00
2 days 120,00 155,00
3 days 170,00 205,00
Privatelessons 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours
1 person 105,00 180,00 285,00
each additional person 20,00 40,00 60,00


Adventure Snowsportschule
Ingo Kupfner
Gerlos 176
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Adventure Snowsportschule
Ingo Kupfner
Gerlos 176
A-6281 Gerlos



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